Battle Rope 2.0

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Cleans: .22/.223 Cal/5.56mm (Rifle)

The Breakthrough® Clean Battle Rope™ 2.0 is the perfect on-the-go cleaning option for those needing a quick and efficient clean on the range. The newly upgraded design includes an integrated flip-out pull handle that doubles as a weight allowing the cable to easily feed through the barrel of your firearm. The integrated bronze brush (one for handgun, two for rifle & shotgun) scrubs away stubborn carbon, while the extra-thick rope wipes up residue for a superior clean. Easily detach the brass coupling from the flex cable to wash the rope.


1. Cable with integrated flip-out pull handle

Handle doubles as a weight to feed the cable through the barrel then flips out to easily pull the rope through.

2. Thick rope with built-in bronze brushes (one for handgun, two for rifle & shotgun),

for a superior cleaning action.

3. Detachable cable

Brass coupling allows for easy detachment and cleaning of the rope.

4. Included storage case

Provides storage and easy attachment to bag via MOLLE strap or included carabiner.