Law Enforcement & Military Discounts

Law Enforcement & Military Discounts


To enroll in our Law Enforcement & Military (LE/MIL) discount program, you must first create an account. Then, please register using the contact form below. Your credentials will be needed to verify your employment or service.

Military Instructions - Veterans, please upload a copy of your DD214, VA ID card, or Veteran ID card. Please block out any sensitive information like your CAC chip/barcode, SSN, or ID numbers. If you do not wish to upload your ID, please email us from your .mil/.gov account with your Midwest Industries account email indicated.

Law Enforcement Instructions - Please upload a copy of your Department ID, State ID, or business card showing employment by a Law Enforcement agency.

Once received, your account credentials will be updated with our LE/MIL pricing. You will be notified that your account has been switched over. The LE/MIL discounted pricing levels only apply to products manufactured by Midwest Industries, and the discount will vary from item to item. Please do not place your order until you have received notice that your account has been switched over, all orders placed prior will not be eligible for LE/MIL pricing.