About Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries was founded in 2003 by two partners in the precision machining industry, united by a lifelong belief in American-made products, American values, and the second amendment. Since the company was founded, our goal has been to provide high-quality parts with innovative features at a price point that is attractive for all levels of income. Our focus started on the AR-15 platform but eventually progressed into identifying other neglected platforms in the industry. We strive to engineer new products that improve the shooting experience for all shooters, from the novice to the expert. All products are backed with our top-notch customer service support and a limited lifetime warranty.


American construction. American workers. American products. At Midwest Industries, we’re committed to bringing you the best firearms and firearm components, and that means ensuring that every product is American-made to give you the reliability you need. That’s our commitment to you: All of our products are made in the USA, every time, and always will be.

American manufacturing is so ingrained into our company’s core beliefs that we actively seek out any way to make sure we’re delivering over and above what our “Made in the USA” badge implies. We’ve replaced fasteners, sourced new raw materials, and more, all to ensure that we offer high-performing products that you can be proud of.

We never settle. Neither should you. Use a gun that is as American as you are and that stands for everything you believe in: hard work, quality, and being proud to do what’s right. Every Midwest Industries product carries that promise.

Quality Components

What It Takes to Succeed

Practice. Patience. A well-maintained firearm with the right accessories. These are just a few of your components for success. It takes a lot more than just skill to get a great shot, just like it takes a lot more than solid products to be successful in the world of firearm manufacturing. It takes responsible sourcing, dedicated industry partners, loyal patrons, and exceptional service to deliver customer satisfaction.

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Our Commitment to Innovation

Creating new and exciting products for the firearm market is part of who we are. As shooters and enthusiasts ourselves, we recognize gaps in the marketplace and fill them with the type of products we’d like to use. Our innovation process is firmly rooted in industry research and hands-on experience with a wide variety of platforms.

That dedication to supporting and enhancing various platforms is what we’re most proud of. Unlike some other manufacturers, we don’t stop with the most popular or best-selling firearms, or only those lines that are still in production. Our products for ARs, AKs, Marlins, and more have helped to shape the market and inform the future of new platforms. We’ll never stop developing accessories and tools for the platforms you love.

We aim high, so you can aim higher.