Magna-Matic Defense AK-47 Front Sight Tool

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The 4.5 inch long torque arm provides a greater accuracy in sight adjustment, because with a longer lever it requires less pressure to make a smaller motion. This allows you to be more sensitive in your adjustment.
The ultra-strong full-circle clamp provides 100% positive contact to the sight post. The heavy-duty full-circle clamp and over-sized push rod provides the strength to move the most stubborn frozen sight. Perfect alignment of the drum is easy by viewing the drum through the sight adjustment port of the AKFST.
The precision machined tip of this adjustable T-handle wrench seats onto the sight post to give you a 100% positive hold on even the most frozen of sight posts. The long lever, which is able to be positioned for greater leverage makes adjustment simple and easy. Note: the T-handle rod can slide to any position to provide more leverage, all images are shown with max leverage.

Rifle Compatibility List
  • Bulgarian - AK101 / SLR95 / SSR-99 / SA85 / AK103 / Krink-tool must be fumed upside-down
  • Czech - VZ-58
  • Chinese - Type 84 / MAK9O / Polytec / SVD
  • Egyptian - Maadi
  • Romanian -WASR 1,2,3 / SAR 1,2,3 / WUM / CUR / PAR 1,2,3 / AES-10A / AES-108 / PSI / SSG-97
  • Polish - Tantal
  • Russian - AK-47 / AKM / AK-74 / RPK-47 / RPK-74 / SVD Dragunov / Tiger / Saiga Rifles all / Dinzag Siaga 12 front sight bases
  • Yugo - M70 / RPK
  • SKS Rill. - Most
"The AKFST will not fit - AK-104 style gas blocks or Yugo M92 "Krink"

2 Reviews